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U.S. Census
The Opportunity Project

Digital Collaboration Platform

Building a New American Economy

There’s no greater economic engine in the world than the hard work and ingenuity of the American people.  ACCP brings together industry, government, academia, service providers and community to digitally create a path towards economic mobility and self-sufficiency for targeted participants across United States.


COVID Recovery Support

Investment Strategies to support the platform are underway at the Council Exchange Board of Trade.  The Opportunity Fund Complex and family of funds will provide capital access to support people, process and technologies.


SMART HBCU Initiative

The SMART HBCU university/industry partnership that focuses on strengthening HBCUs  through private/public partnerships that include the use of technology to increase contract awards and build capacity, leveraged capture, risk management and investment strategies with a research focus.


Mobilizing the Service Provider Community

Today ACCP's core digital collaboration platform brings together the Public Housing Authority and Service Provider communities


Community Faith & Resilience

Building Community Capacity Through Faith and Works


Owning a Business & Section 3 Resources

Strengthening the Power of Ownership; Building a Path to Equity, Prosperity and the American Dream.


 Ready-to-Work Cybersecurity and ICT Training

Programs that work to bridge the learning gap between industry, government and education.

Federal Program Entitlement Impact & Risk Assessment

America's Community Collaboration Platform (ACCP) is a service to the nation.  With over 190 Federal Entitlement programs under review at Norfolk State University (NSU), Cybersecurity Complex - Center of Excellence for Governance, Research and Education, in an industry partnership based on a Memorandum of Understanding between NSU and the Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT)

Leveraging the innovation ecosystem to enable self-sufficiency and  economic mobility requires collaboration, critical thinking and agreements that best occur within data driven, evidence based decisions.  ACCP is a solution that includes a deep dive into the workings of the federal entitlement system.  The image above is a screen shot of the RSA Archer system hosted by NSU.

ACCP is a product that was created during the 2020 U.S. Census Data "Build Sprint" (Click to view The Opportunity Project)  that presented a challenge to create digital collaboration platforms that enable low income families to holistically assess their needs and connect with the best federal, state and local programs to equip and empower them toward self-sufficiency and economic mobility.

Digital Learning Platform

myOnramp Access Point

Learning is a key driver to success.  Knowing what to to learn and gaining access to learning resources can be a challenge.  myOnramp provides members an opportunity to digitally collaborate with other learners who desire to make a change in their life.


Award Winning Employers


Targeted Participants


Partner Universities 

Building a Nation of Producers

Council Exchange Board of Trade

CEBOT Website

Community Collaboration

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The Parent Involvement Board (PIB) is designed to change the norms in Title I school communities by empowering Parents and providing access to evidence based advocacy and learning options to improve their child's outcomes at school and home.

Parents are the central contributor to a child's education.  PIBs bring voice to the fact that Parent Involvement must be a legitimate element of education and is a process not a program of activities. Most barriers to Parent Involvement are found within school practices.  They are not found with parents.  

 PIBs bring voice to the fact that Parent Involvement must be a legitimate element of education and is a process not a program of activities. PIBs serve to increase student success and parent engagement by utilizing innovative industry research initiatives to holistically strengthen families, communities and schools. 

America's Community Collaboration Platform Recovery Pilot Program

ACCP Public Housing Authority 2021 - 2023 Program Pilot Map

The current version of the ACCP service offering introduces a two year longitudinal research on over 660,000 current HUD housing support recipients located in 50 Public Housing Authority (PHA) jurisdictions across the United States.  The map below outlines the 50 PHA locations.  The target focus group  are African-American between the age of 25-50.