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Life is often what you make it.  ACCP employs key resources to digitally bring together the U.S. service provider community within targeted, pre-defined regions across the United States.  

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Policy & Research (HUD) maintains data (click to view HUD data source).   Assistance provided under HUD programs falls into four categories: public housing, tenant-based, privately owned, and project-based.

In public housing, local housing authorities receive allocations of HUD funding to build, operate or make improvements to housing.  The housing is owned by the local authorities.  Public housing is a form of project-based subsidy because households may receive assistance only if they agree to live at a particular public housing project

ACCP is a digital collaboration platform that has developed new connection points between the multiple stakeholders engaged in the now over +$700 Billion of U.S. Entitlement.

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The Council Exchange Board of Trade's Looking  Forward Research & Development Directorate is managed to serve the common business and economic interest of CEBOT members and the communities they serve.

Karl Cureton

ACCP PI - CEBOT Director

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ACCP PI - CEBOT Director

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Service Provider Digital Platform

Curated Collaboration

The nationwide COVID-19 lockdowns and the sudden shift for many government, NGOs and businesses to distributed teams and working from home has made digital collaboration essential for how teams get work done.  The American Community Collaboration Platform (ACCP) is curating a variety of forums that will allow for online collaboration, research, benefits coordination and partnerships

HUD Programs

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Discussions

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Government, University and NGO Public/Private Partnerships

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Building Sustainability and Economic Mobility

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Technology, HUD Section 3 Construction and Services

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Disability Chat

Collaboration on Disability Matters and Strategies

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HHS Programs

U.S. Health & Human Services Programs and Policies

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Building a Better Delivery System 

Evidence-Based Policymaking works to determine the optimal arrangement for which administrative data on federal programs and tax expenditures, survey data, and related statistical data series may be integrated and made available to facilitate program evaluation, continuous improvement, policy-relevant research, and cost-benefit analysis.   The digital collaboration supported by ACCP works to discover how best to incorporate outcomes measurement, institutionalize randomized controlled trials, and rigorous impact analysis into program design and implementation.

Economic Equalization Website

Council Exchange Board of Trade Research
Documents & Public Comments

Public Comment on Qualified Opportunity Zone Tracking

Outcomes matter, particularly as it relates to community based investments strategies and impact analysis.

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Public Comment on HUD EnVision Centers

The HUD EnVision Center was a key element of research and development for ACCP and the CEBOT research Team.

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Briefing to U.S. Health & Human Services on Workforce Readiness

Ongoing policy research and discovery includes in person meetings with government executives

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